Marital Troubles due to Cheating

Infidelity and adultery have been the leading cause of divorce and separation in many marriages today. The population of partners having extramarital affairs is on the rise. This is a concern in many relationships, and it starts with suspicions. However, not everyone is cheating; there are faithful partners. Before you make any conclusion, it is important to investigate your spouse to be sure that she or he is cheating. You may decide to work out things together or call it a quit.

Some of the marital troubles due to cheating

Shattered Trust and Honesty

It is difficult to trust your partner after knowing that he or she has been lying to you. Infidelity is a deep betrayal that you can ever experience is marriage. You will be faced with questions like can I trust my partner again? What if he or she is just pretending to change to win me back and continue with the extramarital affair? How sure am I that he or she has ended the extra marital affair? Will he or she find another lover? These are common questions that individuals who have been cheated battle with in their mind. Building trust and honesty in a relationship after betrayal is not an easy journey, but it needs patience to be restored.


The cheating spouse may feel guilty about going back to his or her marriage partner and may opt to stay with the lover. Mainly because he or she is not willing to come clean because it is going to hurt the other person. Or maybe he or she is comfortable with the new catch because of the marital problems like sex dissatisfaction, children baggage, lack of communication, or financial problems.


Some spouses choose to cheat on their partners as a way of revenge. There are many issues in a marriage and can be solved in the right way without involving extramarital affairs. However, most people think flirting and seeing other people will make their partners jealous and gain back their attention. The truth is infidelity does not resolve any marriage problems, it brings more troubles. It is important to choose a healthy way of resolving problems in the marriage.

Divorce and Separation

After the infidelity betrayal, most spouses opt for separation or divorce. Especially if you have hard evidence that your spouse has been going out with another person behind your back. With the help of Private Investigator Singapore, you will have reliable evidence that can be presented in the court.

Divorce and separation affect family members, friends, and children. Your family members and friends might not want to be associated with the cheating spouse and are more likely to discriminate him or her. Adulterous reputation is not liked by many people because it is the highest form of dishonoring the marriage contract. Children will suffer emotionally because they will not be able to free see one of the parents because of the custody laws.

Reduced Attention and Affection

A couple will lose the affectionate feeling for each other because of the extra marital affair. Although the distancing is usually felt after the partner has started cheating, it usually widens after knowing the truth. The cheating spouse will try to blame the other partner for his or her behavior because of guilt. It is more likely to experience separation after knowing that your spouse has been cheating. However, there could be hope remaining to save your marriage if both partners are willing to work it out together with the help of a therapist.

Irreparable Marital Troubles due to Cheating

The majority of cheaters think that they can repair damaged relationships as a result of infidelity. They think that their partner will just get offended and later on forgive them. Well, there is a chance of this happening, but it is never simple. Some long-term effects include:

1.      Broken trust

2.      Low esteem

3.      Alienation and discrimination

4.      Divorce and separation

5.      STD’s

6.      Outside pregnancies

7.      Financial instability

8.      Risk of imprisonment

9.      Damaged reputation

10.  Psychological and emotional problems faced by the children.

You can opt to go for counseling to solve the marital issues and start rebuilding trust and confidentiality. Effort from both sides is important to make sure that the marriage is given another chance. Going to a counsellor is not a guarantee that your marriage will survive infidelity. But it is Step towards giving your marriage another chance. If you can get past the betrayal feeling and mistrust, then your marriage stands a better chance of survival. Feeling hurt and distrust after cheating is a common emotional experience.

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