Checking up on Internet Adultery

When you feel in your gut that something is not alright, you should trust it. In many occasions partners who suspect their partners of cheating, they end up finding out it is true. When you suspect your spouse of online infidelity, you should take another step of checking his or her online activities. It may not be so obvious that you will find out the truth the first time. Most spouses who are involved in internet infidelity have a tendency of clearing out any traces.

Before you start spying on internet infidelity, there are some warning signs that you need to know:

  • The sudden demand for computer, phone or tablet privacy
  • Your significant other spends too much time online even after going to sleep
  • Shuts down the computer or closes some windows immediately you walk in a room
  • He or she has moved the computer to a more private corner in the room
  • Your spouse is receiving anonymous emails and has new online accounts
  • His or her phone suddenly has password protection in areas like messages and call logs
  • The recycle bin and the internet history is always empty
  • Spends a lot of his or her time in the computer claiming that he or she has a lot of work to do
  • Your spouse is constantly distancing themselves from you

Here are steps on how you can check up on internet infidelity:

Check his or her Email

Emails are a private way of communicating. A cheating spouse is more likely to send private messages via email because it is the least suspected area. They will pretend to spend more time on the computer as if they are working on a productive project. What they are doing is just exchanging love messages with the lover.

The good news is that there are many email spying applications that you can use to track their online activities. Find time and install the best on his or computer. Select an application that your partner will not know if you have installed any suspicious applications in the computer. Keep track of his or her email activities.

Create Fake Online Accounts

If you suspect that your spouse is spending a lot of time in chat rooms, create an anonymous account. Try to initiate a chat and lure them to infidelity. You can even ask them simple questions like are you married? What do they think about adultery? Ask them for out and see if they will accept. If your partner pretends to be all single and willing to go out with you, this is a red flag. He or she could be going with someone else. Be careful with this tip and completely hide your identity. Do not make it so obvious that it is you; it may backfire the mission.

Observe his or her Behaviour

How much time is your partner spending online? Is it too much and you feel that you are not getting enough attention from your spouse? Has he or she stopped sharing about new people he or she connects in the online platforms? Is your spouse distancing themselves from you? Monitor closely and note any behavioral changes.

When your partner is being distracted with an affair, the commitment to your relationship reduces. They frequently become angry with you when you ask questions. They will pick up endless arguments and will not be willing to solve them. They are no longer concerned with keeping you in the loop of any projects.

Another behavioral change that you need to observe is their changing interest on dressing and working out. Cheating spouses tend to buy new clothes and will not ask you about your opinion because they are getting it somewhere else. They are suddenly interested in working out to improve their physical appearance.


They are suddenly concerned about personal privacy which includes computers, phones, or tablets. They have protected some applications in the phone with passwords especially message inbox. Your spouse is no longer comfortable working on the computer in your presence. They close some windows the moment you show up in the room. Or they face the monitor away from you. If your spouse has nothing to hide, they will feel comfortable having you around.

Online infidelity is common these days because of the increased technology. People can manage most of the communication through the phone. It is easier to get caught up with the online infidelity of you are no longer committed to your relationship. As you check up on internet infidelity be prepared for the worst, you can find. Think about what you want to do with the evidence you collect.

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