Not so Obvious Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Probably you already know the obvious signs of unfaithful spouse. To differentiate a faithful partner from a cheating one, you have to know the not so obvious signs too. You might be involved with someone whom you think is monogamous only to find out they are having some good time with another lover. It is quite challenging to predict when your partner is about to have an affair with an outsider.

Possible signs that your partner shows

New Names in the Contact List

Your spouse’s phone suddenly has new names on the phone of people you have never heard off. You never hear her or him mention anything about new friends or new coworkers. Your partner is probably using fake names for the lover they are seeing. They do not want you not have any slightest idea that they are cheating.

Increased Expenditure

You notice that he or she is making frequent withdrawals from the bank account with no explanation. The spending is sporadic, and you do not understand what your spouse is using the money for. When you make an attempt of asking why the increased spending, he or she becomes uneasy and not willing to account for the money. The presence of increased spending and secret bank account can be a sign of infidelity.

Physical Appearance Changes

Your spouse has new clothes, and he has increased the level of personal grooming. He or she no longer seeks your opinion of how they look. Your partner makes an effort to improve his or her wardrobe and spends more time to prepare for work. They make initiatives to try new outfits and will never seek your opinion because someone is already giving them the feedback they need. Do not be extremely jovial about his or her look; something could be going on behind your back.

No more Dates

Your spouse opts out for your dates and claims that he or she has something important to attend to. Your spouse no longer invites you to outdoor events, and when you ask her, or him, they tell you that it was work business and were not allowed to bring someone. Sometimes your spouse will make you feel bad for asking and questioning his or her behavior.

Too Concerned about his or her Friends

Your spouse is suddenly spending too much time with his or her friends and does not tag you along. If it is your husband, he always going to watch games with his friends. If it is your wife, she recently has a lot of girls out activities. It is a good thing to reconnect with our friends, but the question you should ask is why the sudden change of behavior? Why are they not tagging you along in at least one of the friends out activities?

No Longer Comfortable in Answering Phone Calls in your Presence

Your spouse is no longer comfortable picking up calls in your presence. He or she quickly end a conversation when they see. Also, your partner no longer leaves the phone anywhere near you. They are always on their phones even when going to the toilet. Something could be wrong with him or her. May be your partner does not want you to find out about the affair.

New Sex Styles

If you notice that your partner has new sex moves, he or she probably did their homework well. It could mean that they are concerned about keeping things in marriage spicy and exciting. Before you get all excited about how your sex life is improving, your partner could be getting those new styles from another person. They will keep you happy and engaged, and you will have no reason to be suspicious about their outside affair.

Your Marriage began as an Affair

He or she might have chosen you over another person and may feel that they will be faithful to you since you were the other person. This may not be absolutely true because if she or he decided to get into an affair with you, they are probably going to do so with someone else no matter how good you are. Be careful of how your relationship starts; it could be a red flag.

These are not so obvious signs of a cheating partner. You should be on the lookout on any slightest change of behavior because it will tell you a lot. If you feel your investigation is not enough, you can hire a Private Investigator Singapore to help you find more evidence.

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