Indications of Infidelity

If you are suspecting your spouse of infidelity, it is totally acceptable to feel insecure. Your spouse may not be willing to tell you the truth even though you know that there is something wrong. It is very likely that you will become stressed and worried about how your partner’s behavior has changed over the past days, weeks or months. Extramarital affairs can happen to any marriage regardless of how good it is or not. Although such affairs can go unnoticed, here are indications of infidelity that are noticeable.


A cheating spouse will become suddenly distant themselves because of guilt, and they would not like you to notice. Your spouse may start executing his or her agendas and life plans without involving you. He or she will start losing interest in you, your friends and your family. The attitude will keep on changing for the worst, and your partner will be ignoring you. When you try to make efforts to bridge the distancing, they will appear disinterested and tell you words like “You are too clingy.” Or “I need space.” And they will never give you tangible reasons as to why they are acting like that if they are cheating.

Your Cheating Spouse will become Cruel and Angry

This is also known as verbal abuse because they have no little or no patience. She or he becomes disrespectful and rude out of nothing. When you start asking what the problem is, they become angrier and dismiss you. They will always act angry at you so that they can shift the blame to you and keep on getting away with the extramarital affair. If you notice that your spouse is always unhappy with no good reason, it could be a sign of infidelity.

Control Issue

Most often the cheating spouse will accuse the partner of controlling them, yet they are the one feeling guilty and want to control everything around them. Your spouse may tell you to stop smothering them and give her or him space. This kind of an attitude shows they are on a highway of an affair. If you notice a control issue is a source of argument in your relationship, it is more likely that your partner is unfaithful.

Using Work as an Excuse

If your spouse is all of a sudden spending more hours at work, the presence of business trips and a need to work out of town, do not be naïve to assume that everything is okay. You might consider hiring an extra eye to monitor your partner’s movements. He or she might be using work as an excuse to be with the lover without your knowledge.

Extra Concern on the Appearance

Is your partner paying more attention to how they look? Do they have new clothes, perfumes, and lingerie? Are they working out to keep fit? These are indications of infidelity because they would love to appease the lover. Keep a close look on how your partner leaves the house. It will tell you much about their unchanging behaviors.

New Hobbies

Cheating partners tend to show interests in new sports or hobbies that they were not doing. They start using the hobbies as an excuse. They make it look so fun so that you do not raise any concerns about the new hobby and actually encourage them to keep doing it. The extra zeal and new outings, without you, is a sign of unfaithfulness. If he or she has nothing to hide, they would have included you into their new hobbies and outings. Sidelining you raises concerns whether they are faithful or not.

Become Defensive

When you ask them a question about their changing behavior, they become defensive. This is a sign that they are hiding something. Especially when you want to talk about the changed behavior, they are not willing and will become angry and defensive. They will even make you feel bad about it.

Become Extra Flirtatious

Being extra flirtatious with the opposite sex is an indication of infidelity. When you question her or him about the behavior, they will become defensive and tell you that you are just insecure for nothing. He or she will even tell that they are ‘just friends.’ This is a common phrase used by cheating partners, so beware whenever it is used. They will even tell you to stop being ‘old fashioned.’ Flirting is a common sign with the cheating spouses, but you can dig out more to find out if they are unfaithful.

Remember, a partner may show all these signs and still be faithful, and on the contrary, a partner may never show any of these signs and still cheating.  Always hire Private Investigator Singapore to look for more evidence.


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