Internet Infidelity

Marriages and relationships are facing a new challenge of internet infidelity because of the increasing use of the internet. Internet infidelity causes similar problems and betrayal just like the actual unfaithfulness. Online infidelity has negative effects on relationships such as broken trust, hurt and betrayal.

Internet infidelity is a romantic or sexual relationship with someone who is not your spouse, and it is mainly maintained through online chatting. The cheating partner is involved in romantic conversations with the lover through chat rooms, emails, and social media platforms. Internet infidelity affects both men and women in relationships.

Major signs of online infidelity

Spending too much time online

If your partner is suddenly spending too much time online till late at night, it is a sign that there is someone keeping them glued on the internet. They are no longer in having conversations with you because they want to use that time in chat rooms and exchanging electronic messages. When you ask them about their recent change of behavior, they will not give you a definite answer. Most of them say it is nothing.

Changes in Behavior

He or she shut down the computer immediately to walk in a room. If your spouse does this, he or she may not want you to know what they were doing. Some will even turn away the computer from you. When you try to catch a conversation with you, they will quickly dismiss you.

Your Partner has signed up to Dating Sites

Why would someone want to be on a dating site if they already have a partner? If you have already found the one, there is no business for you to sign up on dating sites. If your partner has shown extreme interest in dating sites, be careful because he or she could be attached to online infidelity.

Change of Passwords

Your partner’s phone has new passwords, and they are not willing to share it with you. When you ask them about the password, they claim that they need to protect their privacy. It is more likely that there is a lot going on in your spouse’s phone, one of it being inline infidelity. If your partner has become more concerned about protecting their privacy, you need to be extra careful because this is a warning sign of online infidelity.

New Online Accounts

Your spouse has recently opened new online accounts like new email account and new social media accounts. Such accounts have been opened with a suspicious reason because they do not want you to keep track of their online activities. They are probably using these accounts to reach to someone else who is not you. If your spouse does not even mention to you that they have new online accounts, it is a suspicious behavior.

Empty Recycle Bin and Cleared Internet Cache

If your spouse is involved in internet infidelity, he or she will not want you to know about the affair. They will make sure that they do not leave any trace behind which includes clearing the recycle bin and the internet cache. If you notice this change of behavior on his or her computer, there is a likelihood that your spouse has some wanting online activities.

Give you Excuses

Your spouse has started spending too much time on his or her computer and claims that he or she is working on a time-consuming project. You may never hear your partner mention what kind of a project is she or he working on. Your spouse may also not tell who they are working with. Something else you notice is that he or she is always looking happy and fresh after spending hours on the computer. If they are working on the project, you expect them to look tired and exhausted.

Openness ends

Naturally, a spouse will tell you about a new person they have recently connected with on the internet. They do not wait until you find out because there is nothing to hide. If your partner is not willing to share with you about new connections, it is a possible sign that he or she is flirting online. They would want to maintain their space and privacy by using passwords to restrict your access.

Also, you spouse makes sure that their phone is not anywhere visible. They hide their phones so that you do not stumble on them and find out about the online infidelity.

These are possible warning signs that you may look up to if you suspect your partner of online infidelity.

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