Spying 101


Have been spending a lot of time thinking about whether your partner is faithful or not? It is difficult to start off a conversation with your spouse about the insecurities you are experiencing. Remember, if someone is cheating they are not usually willing to tell the truth. They are more likely to give you a lie to cover up their action. You possibly need to gather your own evidence to bring on the table for discussion. Before you begin spying, you must be prepared for any outcome. Know what you want at the end of the spying.

Spying 101 signs that you cannot avoid

Your Significant other is Suddenly Concerned with the Physical Appearance

Has your significant other bought new clothes, new shoes, or new cologne? Does he or she spend more time than usually when preparing to leave home? Is your significant other more concerned about fitness that he or she has decided to sign up for a gym membership? These could be signs of the presence of another person in his or her life that he or she is trying to please. Sometimes after buying new clothes or colognes, he or she may never ask you for your opinion.

Constantly Hiding the Mobile Phone

Does your spouse make sure that his or her phone is nowhere near your visibility? Does he or she take the phone to the bathroom or sleep with it under the pillow? Or does your significant other suddenly turn off the phone when you are together claiming that he or she does not want to be disturbed? Worst of all, your partner may not want you to touch the phone. The main reason your spouse is doing all these is because he or she does not want the lover to call or text when you have the phone because you will know about the affair.

New Passwords

Phone, tablet or computer suddenly has new passwords and refuses to share the passwords with you. Your spouse is suddenly concerned about his or her private space. They may even protect messages and call log with passwords because that is the easiest way to find out about the other person. Passwords are good to protect the phone, but your spouse should not keep them as a secret is they have nothing to hide.

Constant Arguments

Your significant other constantly picks up arguments and quarrels with you. He or she will even blame you for the disagreements. Most of the cheating spouse use this opportunity to get away with infidelity guilt because it makes them feel better when they blame you. When you try to solve the problem, they will refuse and say they want some space alone. Sometimes they may use arguments as a way of getting out of the house to meet the lover.

Sex Drive is Low

Reduced sex life can be caused by other problems other than infidelity. This could be stress from work or family. However, the partner will be willing to share the problem and try to solve it out. If your significant other is having an affair, he or she will be less interested in having sex with you. They will always give you excuses as to why they are not in the mood. If you notice that your spouse is least interested in having sex, it is a sign that there is something going on.

Install a GPS Tracker on the Phone or in the Car

GPS tracker will help you to know the exact location of your spouse. If they call and say that they are going to be late at work, check the GPS device and find his or her location. If it is showing that they are in a hotel, you will know that it is not just about work. Monitor how frequently it happens and decide to make a careful follow-up. Make sure you have a good camera to take photos and record videos. This is a very delicate stage of spying 101. Be emotionally ready for anything. Do not let your anger control you.

Hire a Private Investigator

All these tips will answer the question whether your significant other is cheating or not but will not give you hard evidence except the last tip. However, we encourage you to hire a Private Investigator Singapore for a professional search that will give you all the evidence that you need. When you decide to follow up your spouse, he or she may recognize you, but they cannot recognize a private investigator. Hire us today and let us do the investigation for you.

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