Have you seen signs in your spouse that are likely to suggest that he or she is cheating? Has your spouse has been coming home late, not responding to your texts or calls in the name of working late? Does your spouse dismiss your questions quickly after dinner and runs to his or her phone to keep chatting? This is probably the most difficult situation in any relationship because infidelity or adultery is the utmost betrayal. You need tips on how to catch a cheating spouse because most people do not know the right way of investigating a spouse without raising suspicions.

Ways of catching a cheating spouse

Check your Partner’s Phone

A phone has become a common gadget in our lives and had first and information on people we communicate with every day. If your partner has an affair, you are pretty sure to find some intimate messages with the other lover. Check the phone records to see who the most called person is.

Set an Earpiece Recorder near the Microphone of your Partner’s Phone

You will be able to listen to most of the conversations he makes during the day and know whether there are lovey-dovey conversations. Remember you will need strong evidence to prove that your spouse is cheating. Otherwise, if you are wrong, you will be risking your marriage or relationship.

Keep your Eyes on the Odometer

Read the odometer before they go to work and check again when they come back. If the mileage does not match the distance of your home to the workplace, then the spouse might have gone somewhere else. If she or he does not say where she has been, then more likely your love is being betrayed.

Spy on your Spouse’s Personal Communication

This includes checking his emails and social media inboxes. She or he might not be careful enough to clear all evidence, especially when the affair is continuous. A regular check will give you a clear picture of what is happening. Check if there are any false names that keep calling or texting at late hours in the day. You can also snoop around his or her computer when she or he is not around to check on history and online chats history.

Is there a Change in your Honey’s Wardrobe?

If your spouse suddenly smells nice, has new accessories, and has new clothes especially lingerie it could be a sign that something is out of the ordinary. If he or she is more concerned about how they look before they leave the house should send you a signal that something unusual is going on. These sudden changes are an indication that your spouse is seeing someone new.

Use Hidden Cameras

You can install these hidden cameras in his or her car and record the people he or she carries when not at home. There are very many unrecognizable cameras that you can use to catch a cheating spouse. Be careful not to get caught or to raise any suspicions because it could jeopardize your snooping mission. If you notice the same is being picked at odd hours could be evidence that your honey is seeing another person.

Install a Tracking Device

This could be a GPS device that will let you know the areas your spouse is driving to. It will show you where your spouse is even if she or he calls and says that they are working late at the office. The GPS will help you to track the mileage. The differences in odometer will give you sign on what is or what is not happening.

Pay Attention to your Partner’s Spouse

Get to know who is being contacted most? Is the person still your friend or is just someone who just popped up in her or his life and suddenly receiving much attention. When you meet them, control your emotions so that they do not know that you are investigating. Do not ask direct questions. What most people do not know is that what people say is as significant as what people do not say. Maintain your cover until when you get solid evidence against your spouse.

Pay Attention to Behavioral Change

Change is appearance, weight gain or loss, coldness in the relationship, distancing, not interested in sex, refusing to share about future projects, and a decline in affection. These are simple behaviors that you can daily monitor to find out if someone is betraying you. These changes are give away clues that do not lie.

Set up your Partner

If you have gathered enough information and you now know his cheating patterns, you can prepare to bust him or her.  This is a crucial part that you need to ask yourself if you are willing to catch your spouse in the act. You need to go beyond just a feeling of someone is cheating on you and be sure that they are actually doing it. Sometimes if she or he seems to be less interested in your does not mean your honey is with someone else. May be your partner has suddenly become a workaholic and is consuming much of their time and energy.

However, after being sure that your partner is cheating, you need to set up a catch. Now you already have access to his or her movements. Hire a good camera with good zooming power. Hide a voice recorder in your bedroom and plan for a three or five day trip out of town. He or she will know that they have much freedom to invite the lover.  Make sure to share your traveling details and a hotel you are planning to set then cancel the trip and stick around.

Monitor, you spouse using the GPS device to see whether your partner will stay at home or will go somewhere else. If they change the location you can secretively drive to that location. Take as much evidence as you need. Only confront your partner is you have all the solid evidence and be prepared for any outcome. Some will be willing to confess their acts while others might become more aggressive and walk out of the relationship.