Ways to know if your spouse is Cheating

If you have that suspicion feeling, you are not alone; chances are your partner may be having an extra marital affair. Research shows that 85% of women who suspect that their partners are cheating are usually correct while 50% of men who feel the same way are usually correct.

Ways for you to know whether your spouse is cheating

Not available for outings or Romantic Dinners

If your spouse is least interested in spending time with you or with the family, they are probably feeling guilty about the affair. They will avoid such outings at all cost and will even blame it on work. They may even start saying they need space to be alone without a definite reason. If you notice this sign, keep digging for more evidence.

Read the Car Spedometer

Read the kilometers or miles in the speedometer before she or he leaves for work and check again when your partner returns home. If the mileage matches with the distance from home to work, then you may be safe. You can do this the whole week to make sure that the car mileage is okay. If the car mileage seems a little bit more than normal, he or she might have passed through somewhere else. If no explanation as given, then you have a right to be suspicious but do not let him or her know that you are spying.


If you call or send messages to them, they are no longer giving you a quick response. They take time before they can return the call. Especially if your spouse says, she or he has gone for a business trip out of town. Call at night to see whether they will respond to your calls, especially after you have said goodnight. If the calls and messages are not being returned, there is something going wrong.

Attending Events Alone

Your spouse no longer wants you to accompany them when attending various functions. Your spouse prefers to go alone. When you ask they will tell you that it is not necessary just to shut you off. He or she could be probably going out with the lover.

Privacy Issue

Your spouse is no longer comfortable picking calls at your presence. They would rather walk out of the room to answer calls. Or when they see you, they will quickly hang up the phone call and pretend it was nothing. When you walk into a room, they will turn away the computer from your or even shut it down. You will notice that the phone passwords have changed and they are not willing to share the new passwords. All these are done with the aim of protecting their space and privacy.

Watch your Spouse’s Behavior

When she or he comes home late, try to make some small talk like “I missed you today” and watch his or her response. If it is cold or your spouse becomes angry, it is a sign that there is something wrong. Lead him or her on, if your spouse pushes you and avoids sex the whole night, then you have a reason to become more suspicious. Sometimes you can even pretend to fall asleep and listen keenly to his or her activities. Does she or he stay on the phone chatting late at night? Does your spouse get out of the bed to answer phone calls in another room at night?

Not involving you in his or her Future Plans

Your spouse is not interested in sharing with you about any future plans or projects. Your spouse wants to work alone to only surprise you with the outcome. This sign may not always be a sign of infidelity because it could be a positive a surprise may be on your birthday or anniversary. Maintain your cover until you are sure that she or he is cheating on you.

Unexplained Receipts in the Purse or Wallet

Check the wallet or the purse to see if you notice receipts of places and hotel bills that you did not go with your partner. If the receipts are too many, then your partner is going out with someone else. You can also check his or her phone bills and bank statements. Unexplained extra spending is a sign that you’re your spouse is cheating.

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, keep cool and look for hard evidence before you confront him or her. Contact Private Investigator Singapore today to find out if indeed your spouse is being unfaithful.

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