How to Seduce Your Spouse with the New You

Trying to win back your spouse requires a lot of work and commitment especially when he or she is emotionally hurt. After hitting a rock in marriage, it is important to think what next with the aim of saving the relationship. You need to learn the art of seduction to make your spouse fall in love with the new you.


Giving your partner surprise gifts will send a positive message into their mind that you are always thinking about them. It will make her or him feel special and wanted. You can give gifts at different intervals, just do not make it so obvious because it will make her or him get used. Gifts can be used to express love, care, and a way to ask for forgiveness. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be something unique and special.


This is an effective way of winning your spouse back and stimulating the force of attraction that was lost. Send flirty messages during the day to seduce her or him. You can introduce the topic of sex while having a conversation about other things. It will keep on sending signals to your partner that you are still interested in them. Keep it sexy with your lingerie. You can even buy new ones.

You can have dirty talks via texting or when having dinner. Let your partner what you love and what you are missing. Be open and to the point with what you want and do not bit around the bush. Seduction is a mind game, and when done right you will achieve good results.

Work out

You can start working out to keep your body fit and attractive. Losing weight will make you more attractive. Subscribe to a gym and start working out. If you go for late night dates, make sure to wear exclusively with new and classic clothes. Your spouse will become curious of how good looking you have become and will start falling in love with you again.

Invite your Spouse for Dinner

Go for dinner and lunches in new romantic places. Avoid going to places that he or she is already familiar with because it may not make any great impact. Surprise your spouse with new and romantic places that will rekindle your love. It should not have to be expensive, but something good and classic will work.

Alternatively, you can invite her or him to your house for late night dinner and make a new arrangement to include candles and flowers.You can even arrange the flowers to depict his or her name so that she or he can read it when coming. A romantic dinner is one of the best ways of seducing your partner with the new you.

Show the Zeal of wanting to work out issues

If you were the cause of separation or break up, make an effort to solve the issue between you and your spouse. Be willing to encounter opposition and rejection. It will require a lot of work because your spouse may not be readily responsive because of feeling hurt and betrayed. Building broken trust is a journey, but there is hope. It is your work to show your spouse that you have changed, you are now new and willing to build a trustworthy relationship. Listen to your partner and understand their needs. Be willing to own up to your mistakes and fix whatever needs fixing.

Do not beg him or her to stay

This is the one who has been cheated. You are probably experiencing a lot of emotional changes, and you may think the best way is to beg or show desperation. Do not do this because your spouse will take advantage of your kindness. Take a break and show the least concern about her or him. This is hard, but you have to try your best not to show desperation. Let your spouse learn from that experience that you need respect. At their own time, they will look for you, apologize and try to win you back.

Give your Partner Surprise visits

Visit your spouse at work and surprise him or her with a random lunch date. This is a way of showing your partner that you care and willing to start a new life with them. Your spouse will start thinking about you the whole afternoon and will start falling in love with the new you. You will need to be consistent and patient. Seducing your spouse after a heartbreak is not an automatic process.

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