Relationship Myths

When we see couples going for dates, holding hands, or taking photos together makes love and relationships look perfect. Being in love is a special and unique feeling but does not mean that everything is perfect and all good-looking. This is why this article will highlight common relationship myths and fantasies.

A Relationship will just work out

A relationship will not just work because it requires effort and commitment from both partners. Just like a ship in the sea, it will not steer itself to the destination; it requires a pilot to control it and to make sure it reaches the destination. If partners do not work together to ensure that a relationship works, then the relationship will come to a standstill.

Avoid Sharing Dislikes at the Onset of a Relationship

Many people believe that dislikes should not be shared at the early stages of a relationship. There is a certain belief that people should only talk about positive things because sharing dissatisfactions will affect the relationship. It is okay to share things that you do not like early to avoid future misunderstandings. Good communication is important for success in a relationship.

Couples should have a specific Sex times

There are no number of sex times that can guarantee a good relationship. The frequency will depend on the sex drive among the couples. It could be daily, weekly, or even monthly. Others prefer celibacy when dating for various reasons. This myth has been misleading many couples. If you are not getting enough sex, have a talk with your partner and see how you can both make it lively. Checking how many times your friends are having sex to gauge your relationship is misleading and pointless.

Your Partner knows what they did to make you Angry

The majority of people assume that their spouses know exactly what they did to annoy you. The truth is, your partner might not know the exact reason you are angry. Figuring what made you angry will consume much of their energy because they do not know. Just tell them exactly what they did so that you can solve the problem and move on.

You will never Argue

Happily married couples and those who are date fight and argue. There is no way a relationship can run without arguments and disagreements because each partner has a different point of view. Arguments are not a bad a thing because it stimulates the growth of a healthy relationship. After fighting and arguing you make-up and continue enjoying your relationship.

A Baby is a Solution

If you are having problems in your marriage, having a baby will not solve any problem. A baby comes with its own needs and attention that might drift you from your partner. If you are already having challenges in your relationship, seek to solve them first before having the baby.

You should not Sleep when Angry

Resolving conflicts may take more than a day depending on the intensity of the issue. The truth is when in a relationship, you are more likely to go to bed angry as compared to those who are not. Going to bed angry does not mean the marriage is not working. It is important to take some time to cool and continue the discussion later on.

You should love all your Partner’s Bad Characters

Some people have characters and habits that are impossible to love and accept. Remember you should not trade your values or settle for something less just because you should accept all bad habits. Some habits can be toxic to the relationship and will affect you. Learn to know what you want, your limits and what you can accept.

Romance will remain Constant

Finding that special person is always exciting. Most people tend to think that romance will never fade. But the truth is, such feeling fade away because the newness fades away as you continue relating. It may also fade because of getting used to each other and no longer excited about the love. However, romance can be rekindled is both parties are interested in restoring their first process. It requires commitment and effort.

Having these unrealistic expectations can make relationships impossible. Understanding that love is not perfect will give us an opportunity to find and keep true love. It takes work, effort, sacrifice, and commitment to make a relationship work. Do not let fairy tales and movies deceive you that love is perfect and smooth. A long lasting relationship will withstand the test of time.

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