Infidelity – Are they in Love or Just Friends

Infidelity does not only occur when you have sex with someone else other than your partner. Infidelity begins right from emotional cheating to physical contacts. Most couples who have an affair will refer to the lover as ‘just friends.’ Sometimes it could be true that there is nothing going on. However, if you are not sure if they are in love or just friends, you need to investigate a little bit.

Give the Friendship more Attention

Rate the intensity of feelings and time your spouse spends with the individual who says that they are just friends. How do they act when they are around each other? Does it look like it is a little bit more intense? Are they always excited when around each other? Gauge the exchange of emotional exchange between the two. If they are always excited, and you can notice some chemistry between them, they could be in love.

Any Physical Reactions

When hanging out, do they have a lot of physical contact and giggling? Do they seem to steal away gazes from each other? Physical reactions between friends are usually neutral. There is nothing to worry about if their friendship is open and genuine. When people are in love, there are physical changes that occur in shaky hands, sweating, and increased heartbeat rate.

Compare the Friendship with other Friendship that he or she has

Your spouse probably has a lot of friends, but he or she only seems to address just one friend of the opposite sex as ‘just friends.’ Analyze the relationship with other friends to see whether there is anything out of the ordinary. Does it look like she or he is more connected to one friend? Do they talk most of the time, even exchange late night calls and texts? They could be probably in love, and that is why they are always attracted to each other.

Do they spend time together more often?

People who are attracted to each other tend to spend more time together chatting, talking or engaging in other activities like sports and dancing. Does your spouse substitute your time to be with your friend? Does he or she sound defensive of the friend? If the friendship is becoming too much, then there is a reason for you to be insecure. Sometimes, your spouse may be spending a little more time with a friend, who is a coworker at work. He or she may even come home late saying that he or she had to work on a project with the co-worker. If this habit goes on for a while, you might want to consider hiring a Private Investigator Singapore to do more investigation for you. Your suspicions may be right or wrong.

Are they making out?

Friends do not make out, only lovers do. A relationship expert will take you that once you make out with a friend, they are no longer a friend. The line and boundaries have already been crossed, and this will create dishonesty and infidelity. This is how most of the cheating couples find themselves in that situation. The solution is to give the friendship a break to correct such a mistake. Taking care of the situation early enough will help you not to get rooted in adultery. Remember to share it with your spouse because if they find out their own, it will be so difficult for you to rebuild the trust.

The ‘just friends’ zone is not productive in relationship and marriage because it shows that you are not complementing your partner enough. The friendship may not turn physical but giving attention to someone else other than your partner is considered as cheating. It brings forth a marriage itch that will cost you much time to repair and to bring the relationship into the track.

Infidelity might not be a dead end for marriages because it is one of the challenges among many. Try not to blame each other about the eventualities and allow yourselves to point out the different areas that can make your relationship strong and new. If you are the cheating spouse, you have a lot of work to do on your side to make sure that your partner can trust you again. You can choose a marriage counselor to guide you through the reconnecting period. The spouse who experienced infidelity should be willing to forgive, even though this may take time. It is not easy to forget immediately, but with constant reconnection and spending time together, a marriage can be saved. The question of are they in love or just friends can be determined by investigating your spouse.

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