Investigation of a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, it is important to investigate to get a finality. It is not healthy to leave with unproven suspicions. Accusing your loved one without proof can destroy your relationship. There are some easy ways in which you can start the investigation. Remember, a cheating spouse will never tell you the truth. Lying is what they do. Finding a proof on your own is the only way to get them talking.

Increased Spending

You know your partner well enough to tell when his or her spending is anonymously escalating. Your spouse makes frequent ATM withdrawals and does not have a proper explanation of why he or she needed that money. He or she can start borrowing your money because of the overspending. Affairs are expensive because it includes buying gifts, booking hotels, going to dinner, and traveling.

Secret Accounts

You always have a joint account to manage and control finances. If she or he insists that they want to have control of the account or demand to shift some amount of money into another account, there could be a secret account. The importance of this account is to make withdrawals and deposits without your knowledge.

Hidden Letters and Bills

Your spouse could be having bills and letters that he or she would not want you to see. Your spouse may be receiving phone bills and letters that are not your normal bills. Or he or she has a temporary mailbox to handle such letters and will not tell you. If you find a letter with a strange post office number or a key that you do not know, there could be something more. People who hire Private Investigator Singapore are always shocked to find out that their partners have a lot of secrets.

Extra-effort in Grooming

Your spouse is all of a sudden concerned about how they look. They have new perfumes, expensive jewelry, new clothes and new lingerie. They are making an extra effort to groom themselves before they leave home. This could be a sign that your spouse is receiving new attention from another person. Also, they could be receiving such expensive gifts from their side lovers.

Fresh Scent

If your spouse comes smelling good and well-groomed after a long day of work, there is a reason to be suspicious. Especially if the perfume and cologne he or she is wearing are new. Observe this behavior for a while and note how frequent it occurs.

Strange Items

What does your spouse keep in his or her car? Are there some unexplained items like colognes, blankets, clothing accessories? Do you usually find receipts, greeting cards, or hotel keys that you cannot recognize? If the answer is yes, keep on investigating your spouse to find out if he or she is cheating.

Coded Messages

Is your spouse receiving a lot of coded messages, especially at night? Your spouse could be using strange messaging formats to keep you out of the loop. If you witness this recurring unfamiliar coded messages, you should keep on investigating your spouse. You can even take the sender’s phone number and run a background check.

Reduced Interest in Sex

Your spouse used to be always ready for sex despite the work load or mood. Lately, you are experiencing his or her resistance when you try to make any move. Fights and arguments are more frequent and are never resolved. Your spouse never wants to discuss anything productive with you.


He or she no longer share information with you and becomes defensive whenever you ask something. He or she wants to go for lunches and events alone. Whenever you ask him or her about their plans, they do not freely share. They even become angry and defend themselves by saying it is not a must to share all information about their plans.

Does not like your visits

When you show up at your spouse’s office unannounced, he or she gets angry. They even try to show you how much it is inconveniencing even if you showed up during lunch hour. He or she does not like you meeting his or her coworkers. Cheaters always have something that they are hiding.

Once you set yourself to investigate a cheating spouse, prepare yourself for the worst. Most people are unable to contain the emotions involved as the story unfolds. That is why we recommend Private Investigator Singapore. But if you are strong enough to handle the process, you can do it. Just be patient and take the appropriate evidence that can be used in court.

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