Gifts – Is he cheating?

Women love receiving gifts from their spouses during events like Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Christmas, and receiving flowers when there is nothing to celebrate about. Random gifts are good and keep the relationship spicy, however, be careful of when and how the gifts are presented.

If you have not been receiving gifts from him for a long time and suddenly he starts showering you with expensive gifts. You should become concerned because he might be feeling guilty after betraying your relationship. They may never say they did it, but their actions will betray them. However, surprise gifts are good, and sometimes he may not be cheating. Also, if he used to shower you with a lot of presents and all over sudden he stops you should wonder why. You could be having a difficult moment in your relationship, or his attention might have shifted to someone else. Always find out more before you jump into any conclusion that could damage your relationship.

Related gift signs that you can watch to know if he is cheating

Good Amount of Money is missing from the Bank

If the unreasonable amount of money has been withdrawn from your joint account that exceeds what he usually spends on gifts like during Christmas, you should raise a concern. It is going to cost him much money to buy you gifts as well as the other lover.

Unexplained ATM withdrawals could also be a sign of cheating. Most men buy their mistresses gifts through ATM transactions instead of buying through cash. This is how most of them are caught by their wives.

Hidden Gifts that Disappear

Maybe it is during Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and you accidentally bump into a gift in the bedroom. You will definitely think it is yours so that you will keep quiet waiting for the surprise. Unfortunately, days later you go check in again and find out that the gift is missing with no explanation. So you are left wondering where the hidden gift go or who was given? If this happens repeatedly, you might want to have a conversation with your spouse or keep spying until you get evidence.

Certain Gifts

Certain gifts are way far beyond the limit of ‘just friends.’ Gifts like clothes, lingerie, or any other gift that requires measurements. If he is receiving such gifts from a female coworker or a close friend, he might be cheating. Giving expensive gifts as well as receiving such gifts could be a sign of infidelity.

There is also a limit of money someone would spend on a friend or a coworker. If he is receiving expensive gifts like iPhone, laptop, expensive watches from someone who he claims to be just a friend, there is more to such a relationship. You can trust your guts and keep on investigating.

Identical Gifts

If you find a receipt that has two identical gifts and you only received one, you will wonder who received the other one. The majority of men who are cheating buy similar gifts because they do not want to spend a lot of time figuring what to buy for the mistress and the wife. Your spouse may equally receive personalized gifts that he prefers to open alone. When you insist you want to see, they get angry and say they need space.

Unusual Emails about women’s products

When your spouse is showering the mistress with gifts, he forgets that the boutiques and jewelry shops usually send advertisement emails to consistent customers. If you notice that he is receiving such emails, often there is more to it. Especially if he has not been giving you such gifts nor to his family members. Who is receiving such gifts? You can find out more signs, and when you are deeply convinced that there is someone else, you can hire a Private Investigator Singapore.

The gifts concept differs from one relationship to another. The discussed signs are common to almost all the relationships. The psychology behind gifts is the same, and it is important for you to look for more evidence before you accuse your spouse. It is important for you two to discuss and agree on a common ground about gifts. If you feel uncomfortable about the kind of gifts he is receiving from a female friend or a coworker, let him know. If he feels it is not okay, he will return it. If he goes ahead and defends the gifts and try to tell you that there is nothing to be worried about, you should worry more.

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